Sunday, November 16, 2014


It has been a little while since I have posted, and since then a lot has changed. I have turned 20 and have made updates to my wardrobe. But the real question is: who doesn't love to update their closet, when it means you can go shopping?

 I decided to chop my hair once again, and I love how edgy it feels (Hair done by +Kimberly Boshold ).
I have added major leather pieces to my wardrobe, including jackets, pants and shoes. Having one article of clothing (usually a leather jacket), is a necessity to have in your closet. But this season leather/pleather is seen in dresses, joggers, booties, head wraps, skirts, sneakers, blouses... I think you get the point that the 80s & 90s are back.  Except this time we have our own twist to it and I LOVE it. The edginess is getting real here in 2014.

This fall/winter season has/will be all about reinventing myself stylistically. 
How will you reinvent yourself? 

Leather Jacket: +GUESS 

Black Crop Top: +Forever 21 

Boho, Coined Necklace: +Forever 21 

Leather Joggers: +Forever 21 

Leather Booties: +dswshoewarehouse +GUESS