Saturday, April 5, 2014

Desperately Seeking Spring

Well now that the snow has all melted over here in Illinois, we are all craving that warm, sun-kissed, summer weather. (I know my styling lately has been as well. ) I have been wanting to pull out all my shorts and tanks, but that is still out of the question! So in order to still get into the spring mood, pop some color into your outfits. Here I added a a colored top and necklace to my warmer clothing. Pair your warm jackets with a bold, colorful necklace, or even some colorful socks to peep out of your boots. Wherever you can add a hint of color, DO IT. Spring is upon us and we all want to get out of this dull winter. :) Let's get colorful.

Photos by: +Alicia Avellaneda 

Top: Tank Top from +PacSun

Jeans: By +GUESS

Necklace: By +Vince Camuto from +Macy's

Jacket:  Leather jacket from +PacSun

Boots: +STEVE MADDEN Troopa$MR%2DTHUMB$&sortByColumnName=Relevance